S. pombe gene expression meta-analysis:

Genome-wide gene expression is re-programmed in response to external or internal factors such as environmental stress or genetic mutation, respectively, or as a function of endogenous processes such as cell proliferation or differentiation. We have integrated expression profiling data that have been collected by our laboratory since 2001 and that interrogate more than 900 different experimental conditions. Here you can download our data which was used in a meta-analysis investigating regulation and robustness of gene expression across environmental, genetic and endogenous conditions.

Pancaldi V. Schubert F. and Bähler J (2010) Meta-analysis of genome regulation and expression variability across hundreds of environmental and genetic perturbations in fission yeast, Mol. BioSyst., 2010, 6, 543-552.

Complete Datasets:

Raw information about the different conditions (Excel workbook)